Please Note: Autism Parents Support is a site for parents and carers of children with Autism, created by parents and carers of children with Autism - we are not trained medical experts!

PLEASE use any information on this site for guide and friendship purposes only - ALWAYS access professional medical advice for the child in question!

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If you've met a child with autism  -  you've met ONE child with autism.

Each and every one of them is so wonderfully different!

This web-site started out as a forum on Facebook called Autism Parents Chat! PLEASE join us!!! Click the relevant link(s) on this page and ask to join any or ALL of the groups - you WILL be made very welcome!

Chatting with people who understand most (if not all !) of your issues can be a great help!

Here are just a few of the comments members are making about our groups on Facebook!!….

I absolutely love this page and honestly can say I've learned more here than from any pro I've seen . Can't thank you enough x    God, I love this page - just sayin!!

This place has been more help to me than any professional I've seen .     Thank you all for your info its nice to hear I’m not on my own .     U all make me chuckle!

Thank you all again for reading, it means a lot.         I thought I was gonna die reading some of these.  You know when you laugh so much you can't breathe?  Lol x

You guys make me laugh so hard, the tears run down my leg.    You brought my smile back and helped me - Thank you SO much.    Thank you - every one of you!

  I only joined the other night, but straight away I felt comfortable posting about my experiences!!         Can I trade in some of my family & friends for you guys ?!

To say I love this page would be an understatement, you guys honestly ROCK, you've all made me feel right at home lol. THANK YOU!           

Men often struggle expressing feelings, especially in a group with women - Autism Dads Support is a place you can ask anything you want & have a good laugh - ALL from a male perspective!
Note: we like to have a few ‘distractions’ from daily life as well - please bear that in mind when you join!

Autism Parents Chat is a truly global group! But we want to bring people together face to face - meet with like minded people etc!  “Where are you from” does exactly that!  We have a number of different groups covering the world. (You MUST be a member of Autism Parents Chat (APC) and join from within the group).  J

Parents of Special Needs children often concentrate so much care on the children, they often forget to look after themselves!  Health & Wellbeing exists specifically for the PARENTS/CARERS to help correct the ‘balance’! (You MUST be a member of APC to join).

We cover anything and everything!  We have become very adept with the ‘serious’  questions  with  plenty of  advice  and  sympathy  as  required!
But beware, we
DO like to have a laugh! Some of it can be quite unconventional(!),  but then that often  helps many to lighten their day!

Some just pop in and have a read, others actively join in - you do whatever suits you  -  that’s just fine by us!   Whatever  works for  YOU!
Ask a question  -  you’ll be surprised at the high quality of the answers you will receive - all from people who have the RIGHT experience - life with an  autistic child or  young adult!   And  never a dull  moment!

No matter how odd you think your question is and that you are the only one on the planet to have faced it - you are NOT alone - there are plenty of others with  great  advice who have already been  ‘there’  -  honest!!!!

Autism Parents Community is a Facebook Page (as opposed to a Group!) and is open for ALL to see!  We include many inspirational posters to spread the ‘message’!
This is a general information page, where we share inspiring stories and useful information - all in a bid to give a better understanding of Autism for everyone!
Please tell as many people as you can about this page - the more the merrier!

In addition to our Facebook groups and page we also have a Pinterest page dedicated to all the awareness posters we have created and published on the Community Page mentioned above! Like the page, it is open for all to see.
Please feel free to copy and share any of our posters! Many have a humourous side, but all promote Autism awareness!