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Autism Parents Support

For Parents and Carers BY Parents and Carers

We are a group of parents and carers, not medical experts. Always access professional medical advice if you are in any doubt for your child.

Do you have a child or young adult who is (or may be) on the Autistic Spectrum?   Do you  have  unanswered questions  or  concerns?

This website has been designed and created by Parents and Carers - just  like you!  We actually understand what  YOU are experiencing - including  the meltdowns and  issues around  communication!

Without  the  support,  advice  and  friendship  of  other  parents / carers, living with  Autism can  often feel  like  a very  frightening,  lonely   and overwhelming  experience.

This  site  is  intended  to  help  give  you  some  of  the answers  you  are looking  for and more importantly, help you to realise that it isn’t all bad!

In fact, it can be an  amazing new  ‘take’ on  the world around us!

Autism is all around us.

We can help people with Autism enter ‘our’ world, if we encourage them to let us in to theirs.